Some buttons don't work

When I press Q, the Spawn menu doesn’t appear, and when I press V, I can’t noclip. Menu works fine, game loads and runs fine, no error.

What is your OS, are you on a Laptop, have you tried resetting your key config?

I tried resetting my key config, and it’s on Window 7. It’s not on a laptop.

Are you sure you are playing sandbox and are allowed to use noclip?( in case of server)

Yes, it’s on a single player map. Pressing Q won’t show the Spawn menu, and pressing V does nothing. I can only change weapons.

Post a picture of your main menu while in singleplayer and a picture of console ( or better full console log ) after pressing V and Q a few times.

I can’t take a picture right now, but I will do so tomorrow.