Some cars and shit, yo.

None of these cars have any E2 junk or pointless suspension systems. I drive on flat maps; they’re a waste of time. Most have some basic wire gadgets. The cars are parented.

Reaper LAND YACHT. Bare bones LAND YACHT. There is nothing fancy on this car. it’s controlled by numpad thrusters. Has 6 seats: 2 in the front, 2 on the couch, and 2 on the hot tub. Weighs about 39 tons, requires the entire country of Luxembourg to turn. 3 hatchbacks can be parked inside it.

Quark F1 car/go-kart. Fast, agile 1 seat car. My most advanced car; the buttons on the dashboard control which brakes activate when the S key is pressed, the bottom buttons control the ‘fake’ ignition and sounds.
7 gears/throttle: reverse, neutral, 1-5. Shifting gears causes the car to announce the gear you’re shifting to. Speeding up causes the car to announce your speed in 10 MPH increments; it’ll say “20” when you reach 20 MPH, for example.

Hombre go-kart. Very basic car, it has nothing on it except some turn signals and a simple toggle-able sound emitter.

Mako sport limo, sedan, thing. Fast 3 seat car, with a 3 foot tall spoiler to make it go zoom zoom; it just needs go-fast stripes and flames now. It has a simple wire based gear system; the driver holds shift to engage the “clutch” so that the gears can be changed by the dashboard buttons (the advanced pod controller allows you to use buttons). Available gears are park, reverse, neutral, and drive. Has a simple sound system, turn signals, and lights* (*indicators)

Juggernaut semi truck. It has recycled wire bits from other cars, and a simple radio. I got bored halfway through, and the back is half-assed. The wire broke on the final version though; I think I forgot to weld and parent a piece to the truck. :downs:

Painting machine. Give it a color, and it will spin the painting arm around the car, and the painters will aim up and down to paint the exterior of the car.


Racing wheel; Analog. turning the wheel left/right causes the connected vehicle to turn left/right, and pushing the wheel forward/back causes the connected vehicle to go forwards/back. It has customizable deadzones, and a rotating speedometer on the left, which can be adjusted for each car’s max speed.

Joystick. Simple version of the racing wheel, digital. Customizable deadzones.

Most of these were built on Epsilon Eridanus and The Central Nexus.

Good Job. Keep it up.

The cars look really cartoonish and the proportions of the last green one are way off

The trucks are kinda good though

What’s pointless about suspension?

Probably pointless because he does not know how to make one that works.

Same with the comment about E2. By the looks of all the chips, E2 is pointless because he does not know how to use it.

Seen the limo and steering wheel before.

Epic agree :buddy:

The Yacht-Car has been posted before but they’re all good.

Hasn’t this all been posted before?

I put them in the “Your greatest contraption” thread; I have not posted the others.

I do not use E2 if I can do the same with gates. Coding in GMOD is boring, so I don’t do it. Visualizing a flow chart is easier with gates than E2, in my opinion. I do not make suspensions because as I said, I only play on gm_flatgrass; The server I play on isn’t exactly the best server ever, lag wise, so I cut corners on things that cannot be parented on moving objects, such as a suspension or steering system.

No, just the Limo and racing wheel. I have posted some of the other contraptions on other forums that play GMOD.

I’d love to see a video of that racing wheel and joystick. I’m sure pictures don’t do it justice.

Angel glider/plane. Still needs proper thrusters and controls.

I will, as soon as I figure out how to use source recorder. :buddy:

Yeah, I didn’t realize how off the green car’s proportions were until I finished it; it’s about the same width of a regular car, but as tall as an SUV and twice the length of a regular car. Whoops.

Changing the materials from the matte colors would probably make them more realistic looking, and adding some more vanilla props, but personally I love the cartoonish look of them; realism is boring.

?? Suspention keeps wheels flat not the car its still used on flat places

If your server is a pile of crap then using a few E2’s vs dozens of chips will help alot with server lag.

A simple suspension will not lag you.

Created: 05/16/07 (anything this old that isn’t laggy means today it REALLY won’t be.)

Do you even play gmod?


The chips do not lag, because the vehicle is parented. I do not use E2 for other reaons I have already said.
It’s not my server, by the way.

There is no point to it; my cars usually big and slow, and have very low centers of mass, it’s just one more thing to break.
Adding a dozen unparented props may not affect the server when my car is the only thing spawned, but usually there’s several unparented contraptions spawned, and that’s when even a few unparented props on a moving contraption begins to add onto the lag. The LAND YACHT has all the axles and wheels unparented, and I can’t spawn it if there’s more than 2 other vehicle contraptions spawned, adding proper steering and suspension to all 10 wheels isn’t going to help at all.

Me thinks you need to find a much less fail server…

I play on the server because my friends play on it, playing on some random server doesn’t appeal to me; every other server I join is either full of minges, bad admins, or non-responsive people coding their damn E2s.

You have a very inspiring style, I love the flares, the sharpness, and the colors. You seem like a very artistic individual. Keep these coming please!