Some Cars I've Made!

Hey guys! I’m new to Facepunch but i’ve been playing Garry’s Mod for about a year now. I am [-EFR-] Ryan also known as the co-owner of [-EFR-] Build Server A. Anyways, these are a few cars i have made.

I’m going to be honest… They aren’t actually that bad.
Keep working at the cars, try to squeeze more props in there and more curves.

Curves are very hard and I do agree that they need work xP

I actually quite like the shape and i understand how hard curves are to do with Gmod props. The only thing would be to change the complete matte grey colour on the first two.

The problem with the gray color is the fact that since i parented those 2 cars I can’t change the colors; only the materials.

Well they’re boring, but far from terrible. Good job, and keep it up. Try to add to the prop count some, work on the curves and so on.

That sounds familiar…

If you parent to a wire gate, you can change the colors.

Not bad, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

The second car in particular is quite nice.

first one looks like lancia fulvia

You’ve got the creativity needed, just use more time on the bodies :buddy:

They’re ok but extremely blocky.

Try using the superthin tile blocks and the stacker tool (or easy precision) so that you can add more curves.

Love the hotrod.