Some Casual Skins

Some shit you should know:
[li] About 7 skins, nearly 2 variations for each for all citizens. That’s 75 .mdl files.[/li][li] All hexed[/li][li] Again, they’re all fucking HEXED[/li][li] Hexed. Don’t ask if they’re hexed or I will shove a potato up something that you don’t normally shove things up. (Unless you have anal beads.)[/li][li] Most of the textures are from GTA IV, but I took the effort of stickin’ 'em on the citizen sheet, which requires more effort than you’d think.[/li][li] They all have normal maps and phong (Although you might want to turn it down if you’d like.)[/li][li] 2 skins are for females. Yes, I didn’t skip out on the X chromosome. [/li][li] Give me a PM if you use these in any screenshots/comics. :3[/ul][/li]


No link because it’s fucked up for me right now.


and lots of them

Inflator used on this one to make the firesuit look bigger.

*Ski mask not included

Very useful! Good job!

I like. Lots.

love it!
really nice pack =D
keep up the good work

may be those 2 with mask later?


Nice gta4 skin porting So downloading!

Very useful! Downloading now.

Nice work.

Alright, I’m off to sacrifice a goat in your honor. Good work.

Freaking awe-some

beautiful nice job

I still can’t find which ped did that jean jacket texture came from. Do you at least remember was it a female or a male? Was it an old or young ped?

Young Male I would guess.

Actually, I just found a black female middle-aged ped that seems to be wearing an extremely similar jacket.

Very much so.

This one?

Very useful. Downloading ;]

These are beautiful and perfect for my possible future comic. Thanks so much!

Bad Ass

Hey, do you think you can make the ski mask guy that would be very usefull

Where’s my fucking goat?