Some cinematographic HL2:EP1 scenes

Here is some cinematographic scenes from HL2: Ep1 that I filmed with gmod using fraps.

Actually, I made this video for test some new ways of recording (new for me). So there is no special sense there. However, I hope you’ll like it.

First one was the best.

Maybe, but I mostly like the second :stuck_out_tongue:

I am glad to see you back keed.

Liked them. Shaky cam was a little too jittery at some points, but I loved it.

no, Fumples, that is the CORRECT way to do shaky cam. Flawless cinematography angles and movement, well maybe not flawless but really good for facepunch machinima.

Tone down the shake on the camera.

Was done well, but much too jittery at some points. I wouldn’t call it flawless. It was unique, however.

I agree with you, who said that camera was pretty freaky somewhere. First scene has bad moments with it. But I think that 2 others are good.

Thanks for comments ;]

Second scene was badass.

How did you do the camera work?

I think the first one was the best, i liked the camera movements, especially around the citadel. The movements reminded me of Cloverfield, not sure if it was intentional but i liked it.