Some Classes Never Grow Up...

Messing with the in-game DOF. Please comment on it.

C&C Please.

Credit goes to MiniHunter for fixing my sniper chin clipping.

I really like the angle on the first one.

Sniper’s chin is clipping with the armor or jacket.

Put a smiirk on my face.

Cheers m8 :stuck_out_tongue:
(Oh and yes, it’s EDITED by me)

Aaah the Heavy is cute.


Ehanced_AI Is gonna get mad.You are starting to get real good at posing TF2

I noticed that as soon as I took the shot, I knew I could go back in photoshop and edit it, but I never got around to it.

Thanks man, I’ll add that to the OP.

I was going to edit it, but it was 6 in the morning here, so thank you :smiley:

Oh, well I wouldn’t want him to be mad. In fact, Enhanced_AI’s FANTASTIC work actually motivated me to start TF2 posing. If it weren’t him, this post and pictures probably wouldn’t be here.

Oh, and thanks for saying I’m getting good at posing. :smiley:

Was gonna point out you duplicated the same image in OP but you fixed it so never mind. Heavie’s face is priceless. :buddy:

Yeah, I accidentally copied of the wrong image. I didn’t know if anyone would notice that, but I had to re-upload the image before I could finish editing the post.


(x1) Heart for you, cause you noticed.


Quick question, does anyone know where I could get the Russian type font for the Heavy, that most people use in TF2 comics?

Why is the RED sniper with a BLU medic? :psyduck:

If you look at the symbol/medic logo on the arm of the medic, you can tell it’s red.

I almost thought no one would notice, thanks.

Rated Art

Their faceposing makes them look like children.

I believe thats the point.

vhey should have been zhey, other that that nice pose!