Some Cocktwister in a Stealth Suit Sneaking up on a Pair of Nipple-Taters in a Bombed Out House

Not my best.
I’m aware of the right guy’s clipping.

C&C, I guess, but I wont get any anyway.

What’s with the wierd blur-borders?

Everything else is alright

Did them for the hell of it.

lol, someone saw what i did with the border thing.

and I wanted to try it out.

Can’t say I did as good of a job on it as you did.

I remember when RileyB did blur bars back in the day.

The picture’s good, but the blur bars here are distracting.

dem blurbars. They’re black bars, just different. I don’t know if anyone else was around when everyone and their grandma had black bars on their screenshots, but I hope this isn’t another fad that catches on.
Also, if you want to try some things out with it, I’d suggest the top of the head and the bottom of the legs of the guys in the foreground and putting in front of the bars for a neat implied depth. As for the bars themselves, I’d say make a duplicate layer of the entire picture and gaussian blur the whole thing and then isolate the specific parts you want to turn into bars. You could even go so far as to do some color modification to the blurred sections to make them stick out more.

Black bars when used correctly are great tho. (by correctly that’s quite obviously using them on a cinematic screenshot and not covering 200px)
Great pictures, not so fan of that blur tho.

silliest borders ever

nice posing and models

Hey, BF2142 weapons :smiley:

I don’t get the border thing. It looks cool but it doesn’t fit at all.

Changed the image to one without the blur borders.

Much better, I dig it.

Why borders at all? Will probs look better without them at all.

Happy now?

no, never

well suck my teets

I have a black bars fetish.

and desaturation

And sharpening.

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What…we can’t have happy colorful pictures now, can we?