Some complicated Hammer questions

I have created my own configuration, Garrysmod (c :/harddrive /program files86 / steam / steamapps / username / gmod / gmod) if I know hammer correctly. This would be the place to make my configure, right? But it also ain’t givingme my gmod models like it should for any other configure like CSS map making and half life W map making.
Next question is any tutorials or videos explaining npc spawning and how to use the movement path nodes?
Another question regarding npcs is there any way to make it to where infinite npcs will spawn on a timer following the same path given to the previous npcs?

cfg files only contain model data. Life is made easier if you use a premade game config and then extract models/materials out of the gcf and put them in the dir of the game config.

Cood u pm me the details on how to do that?

You know…you could search…


Yeah it is far easier to simply use the Ep:2, counter-strike, or even just the hl2 engines. You can still save maps and load textures, etc. From the gmod folders using a different game configuration. A long time ago I tried setting up a gmod config and it proved far to glitchy, difficult, and simply wasn’t worth the effort.

Not sure why you bolded cfg. I told him they only contain entity data, gave him a breif overview and a link to the vdc for more info on the gcf files he will then need to extract, using the additional links to various software contained on that page.