Some contraptions (pictures, many of them!)

Screenshots of my stuff (got plenty more, this is just what i have in my screenshots folder)

cargo heli


supercar, goes over 300 km/h

flying car thats not supposed to fly

yeah its you pac


cargo spaceship

portal style office

Thankyou for viewing


That’s some pimpin rims you got there on that supercar.
Pretty cool stuff, some could use a bit more work to make them smooooooth, but nonetheless cool shit.

I want credit for being the black guy in the flying car.

If that is me atleast :frowning:

Well, not bad :slight_smile:

yes it is :buddy:

Im planning on remaking part of the supercar since the wheels look awfully small compared to the rims.

Im bad at that part :saddowns:

Just ignore prop count and make it look as good as you can.

I like the stuff but more than that I like your avatar. So I gave you a rainbow.

i like the cargo ship

FP needs more good looking spacey things

I’m speechless…

w…wow. Fucking epic. Hugely awesome.
Pringles, when did you get so good at modeling?..and when did the kraz trucks start using coil springs? :lol:

The kraz has hydraulic suspension (adjustable height) with elastics to strengthen it. That way i can put a 50000 weighting block on the cargo area and just add length to the hydraulics until the truck can carry the load. Uses an adv input to adjust the hydraulic length.

I could even make a tutorial if anyone needs one :buddy:

*Very smart. *I used self-correcting hydraulic servos, but lately i’ve been getting into articulated bogie beam suspension (volvo a30 articulated hauler suspension) since they have more travel