Some Conviction Models?

It’s coming out on the PC in about a week(?)so I was wondering if someone is planning upon releases. Note: none of the models listed are spoilers.

Sam and all of his versions-i.e plain, bag, bag with goggles, and vest versions
Vic Coste
All of the Black Arrow personnel
Andriy Kobin’s thugs
The Splinter Cells
The police
The guns


Dean made a Conviction styled Sam hack

Conviction isn’t even out for the PC yet.

It isn’t? Fuck. I’ll change it.


I know. I’ve fooled around with it too.

I just want to bump this thread right now. Is there anybody willing to help me get some models from Conviction? All you need to have is Conviction on the PC, and it’s extremely easy to figure out how to rip something.

i really support this!!!
I also support a porting of the REAL sam fisher from Conviction

Support this!