Some CSS Problems

Hi Guys,
As i now started playing GMod, i also bought myself CSS over Steam to have the content. But when i join a server and try to take out my Glock, my console starts spamming me hard with checksum errors.

Error Vertex File for ‘weapons\v_pist_glock30.mdl’ checksum -2036056203 should be 2141122326

I can’t see the weapon model in my hand, nor can i see other weapon models, sometimes i see nothing, sometimes i see strange pink cubics etc.
I got CSS content enabled in the GMod Settings, i even reinstalled GMod, i unchecked, restarted, checked, restarted GMod, still nothing. I started CSS cause i read somewhere that you have to play the content you want to use first, started GMod afterwards, nothing. Tried the uncheck check thing again, nothing. I dont know what i can still do. I hope you guys got some answer.


  • i tried deleting the glock model and its textures etc, now its just missing the vvd, ill try rechecking gmod files and see if itll be fixed when its redownloaded
  • i just realized that there is no glock30 model in css… i cant even find it on google! but why does my game want it then, and why does it check for it

Sorry cant help you

Did you actually play in a server of CS:S before you loaded the content in gmod?