Some DarkRP Help Please

So I got 2 issues with my newly acquired server;

  1. How do I make it so when I start my server it automatically switches to DarkRP?
  2. I cannot spawn props on the server, and yes it’s DarkRP?
  1. in the server.cfg, add this: sv_gamemode DarkRP sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP

  2. Unsure. I don’t run a Dark RP server so I can’t help there.

  1. In the GAME.CFG (not server.cfg, not server.cfg) add sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP
  2. Go to init.lua file of the DarkRP and find using Notepad++ the 139 row. You see propsawning and a small comment. add 1 there instead of 0.


CfgVars[“propspawning”] = 0 --Prop spawning enabled?
or just find this and change to:
CfgVars[“propspawning”] = 1 --Prop spawning enabled?

Can specific than the DarkRP? Like gamemode or content, entities?

This is very aggravating, I just can’t find the directory of the folder.

Okay so I have checked the 139 in gamemode, entities, and weapons. Still nothing. Any help, please?