Some de_dust2 photos

Some pics i took on de_dust2

A L33t holding position

SAS VS Phoenix

Some Rangers

SEAL in combat

“Do you guys feel hot?”

Posing is very unnatural and very bad. Never spam in-game blood, and never use the vanilla muzzleflashes and weapons.

Very generic, very bad posing, use of the default CS:S models looses a point there…

No editing what so ever…
Not like I expected improvement but it’s certainly… Something.

Thanks for the review!!!

BTW: the blood is a mod (i love it) and the original effects are somewhat… cool in my opinion

Well, loose them. They’re not good.

I’ll give a better review, with numbers!

Posing: 3/10
Camera Angles: 6/10
Editing: 0/10
Overall Picture(s): 4/10

Overall Score: 13/40

Thanks mate! nice review!

Except the angles aren’t good.

hey. a 90% on my chart is passing.

i was being generous too

none of these make sense… the posing is awful

could have been better

i also forgot to point out that the stock is clipping with the arm

Bad posing. Fix the posing.