Some Dead Island things to Gmod

Hi everyone. I found in Dead Island some things that can be useful in Gmod. If you like RP of course.
I will put some pictures here. Maybe there is somebody who can do it, that would be cool.
There it is:
Thanks in advance. Greetings from Poland.

I wonder how many Dead Island threads there are.

I’m not counting them.

So, why it’s hard to port hese things?

At first, I thought the models couldn’t be ported cause of no modding tools released.
Now, I think it’s because nobody wants any models from the game.

I dunno.

You can rip them with game assassin in a t-pose.

I just personally don’t find anything in the game too interesting.

Some of the Survivor models look interesting.

And the Butcher Zombie you encounter in the Jungle.


It’s possible to get these models which I posted pictures here?
Also what is it game assassin? I tried to find it, but I found only Assassin’s Creed ;p

Dude,porting stuff from a non-source game isn’t as easy as you say it is

I didn’t said it’s easy. I asked why it’s hard…