Some decent Venom models...

I’m requesting some a decent Venom model, because the WoS one isn’t very flexible, and is ugly imo. Two games I know of that have good venom models are Ultimate Spiderman, and Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. They are both PS2 games, and kind of old.

Here are some references:
Ultimate Venom doesn’t have his symbol until you beat the game, but it doesn’t matter.
If anyone could do this I would be pretty grateful…


That second one is awesome, but that first one…is he attached to a gorrila?

I could use a good Venom model, so support.


You know now that I think about it, Eddie is really skinny without the suit…

we should have both, considering Ultimate Spiderman is set in the Ultimate universe. if they can rip Venom I think we should have Spider-Carnage as well though.

Support, majorly.

I wouldn’t even have thought of this name if the character in question didn’t exist.

Second one I remember seeing a PSP copy somewhere but it’s also on Xbox.

First one is available for Xbox aswell, it’s Ultimate Spider-man. Based off this look-

I remember some good times playing as venom after beating it, it was like that one HULK game where all you do is destroy and avoid being killed by cops

Me too, I still play just to kill some Shield bitches every once in a while :3

yeah I’ll prob go looking for my Ultimate spider-man copy and dust off my 360 and actually use it.

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Should probably keep this thread link here since it’s in relation to the same game

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And this one, someones trying to port from Friend or Foe


Just gonna bump this…