Some Device thing...

Hi, i’m making a map( and i create(or copy ideas from sakarias) some device things to use with the gravity gun, so i have how they work, now they need to have a badass model. a couple of they will bee fine, here a list of what i have until now…

A sticky bomb that glue to you and passed a time it explotes evaporate u and drag physics to it.
A … sphere that creates a perimeter that slows all the physics and players and then makes a shockwave that mess up all.
A ball that chases u with lasers(pretty much like rollermines)

Still to do:
Something like a shield that protects u from grenades &/or physics.
A smoke grenade or some shit like that…
Jarate thing…

So if u have time or some model u already did. please I NEED IT!

(Something like the Magnusson’s device can be)

Sorry for my English… ^^

If you could be more specific…

I need some Combine/Rebel made device that can be carried by the gravity gun.
Here some like.

That sounds like the Smart Bomb from Brawl :smiley: Appart from the Sticky part which is more like this.

Shit. it’s impossible to figure out something that itsn’t already done… (exept if your name is Garry).

well, it seems like i wonna have to make they by my self…

Looks good. what it is?
A GlaDOS module?

Robot eyeball.

Your renders are delicious, GordoFremen.

I already started doing they by my self…

very um…spikey ^^ but very good none the less :smiley:

Started other…

What the


is THAT?!

Anyways. I think I might be able to make a sticky bomb model for you. I’m thinking some sort of either magnetic or maybe even gravitometric (aka grabs you with its own gravity) attachment as opposed to spikes.


Oh, it’s in the image name. Beta rollermine eh?

Yep that’s the beta(leak) HL2 rollermine i use it for a time, even thing in make a more detailed version(easy it’s just a spere) but i dump it moding the HL2 retail one. abount the skybomb i already have a model, but tell me your ideas maybe they are better by far that mines :wink:

Here what i got until now:

Spike Grenade(aka sticky bomb)

The thing that slows down the physics.