Some dude getting shanked and stuff stab.jpg

He’ll be fine.

Yeah, it’s only a glowing red knife.


The blood on the blade looks horrid. But other then that it’s nice.

That’s not blood on the blade. It’s like a plasma sword or something, it looks like that normally. :v:

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The green outline is from the lamp I’d presume.

I have a feeling that the blade isn’t really a blade…Although, i enjoy the second picture.

nice picture!
where did you get those models?

I really love the pictures, especially the first one.

But wait wat. Are those Crimson Lance soldiers and assassins?

Umm…where can i get those? I once made a request about them.

Ninja is working on them. Will be released soon.

1st Picture: Nice.

2nd Picture: That’s just fucking creepy.