Some dude has been following me for hours

Hey, I’m just quickly posting here to see if anyone else has had this same guy or a similar thing happen since I found it so strange. Before you say someone was just messing with me, duh, it’s just I have never seen it anywhere else. I’m posting a lot of details, so this will be fairly long.

Some guy was constantly walking around playing the alpha Rust music through voice chat (Mostly the piano one), along with the same username as I was using (Just ‘Sauxez’ when it was happening). They would never run, but would constantly walk towards me. Just came up in night as I was freshspawn. All I did with the name business was joke about it in chat, but since they never spoke, I didn’t really care about them having it - trolls had done it before, I found it funny.

Eventually when I was elsewhere with a bow hunting (In a pit area on the side of the road with one of the wood default houses, not the small rad one… my map skills suck), I could see the guy across the other side still just walking towards me. Afterwards with this I found it would be a lot more interesting for me to see how far this guy would go to follow me, instead of getting guns and shooting dudes in the head. So I built a quick shack with my items and ran to big rad, then to metal hill, and then to the area far down away from all the rad towns. (I’m not sure how to explain this - when you spawn and there is no cricket sounds and you’re in metal hill, run backwards from big rad and the road. There’s a part of grass enclosed in rocks, pretty sure people call it “Beach”) And climbed the mountain on the back of it. Sure enough, after enough time, you could see the guy in the open grass still walking towards me.

Instead of waiting for him to walk up and play the music again, I went behind the hill and suicided in the sea, then spawned at camp. That way he would probably think I was running further down. Left the game on in alt-tab for any guys knocking the wood door whilst I did other stuff, and sure enough, he was back there after about 40 minutes. He was there for a while since I didn’t do anything about it, and the server crashed. (Was “[EU] Vanilla Blahblah” earlier today, had about 40 players online.)

I just found it strange, searching on Google with any similar keywords finds nothing except hackers stealing players names. The guy was probably hacking to know my position at all times, as well as apparently not dying from any wildlife / players, and being able to instantly having my name or spawn near me.

TL:DR - Dude came up with my name playing old Rust music, followed me around until server crashed by walking only. Would always find me.

Anyone else had some guy do this type of stuff? At least it’s unique from the usual party music, rock battles or guys that just follow for stuff. Seems a bit too much effort though since there is no gain. Do people really have that much free time?

  • I’ve posted this elsewhere but I’m getting responses like “Need a better story bro”. I’m not posting for a story, I’m just asking if anyone else has had guys go all out on this stuff for no reason. If not, just say no.

Sounds like someone with an esp tool was bored and decided to try and creep you out.

Not enough high speed chases, gun battles and betrayals but this has potential, not bad man.

On NA 3 I had a hacker who I had killed with various traps and other methods a few times decide to stop killing me and start doing nothing but stalking me. When I eventually added him on Steam after he returned the 9 ceilings that one of his friends had stolen from me, he told me that I spent the vast majority of my time standing in one of my bases holding a bolt action, and that when I infrequently left my base to run and loot some poor sap I’d sniped in big rad I always wore rad armor and carried a P250 or an MP5.

My favorite quote was “I see you standing in one room for hours, doing nothing.” I go afk a lot, and sometimes forget that shield hacks mean that my stuff is in danger during that process.

Apparently he’d been watching me for days, and another hacker who I’d established a positive relationship with would tell me not to go outside occasionally because he was just standing there, watching me through the walls.

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strangest rust thread ive ever read

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whoa this is crazy

this is like the exact thing I’ve been doing to some poor chap

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Maybe a bored admin in godmode just messing about, a couple of days before i closed my server i did similar things. i would walk to them, they would kill me, i spawn, teleport (they didnt noticed most of the time) and they would kill me again, spawn again and maybe this time i would be in godmode and they would shoot me and my rock and i would just laugh and jump around.
i got bored of that really quick, did it for like 20 30 minutes.

I usually do that to troll people, and want them to listen to my cool Music xD.

But yea there is also hackers, that really wants friends, and then they help you, or kill you if you kill some of there friends, and hackers that stops hackers. Hackers that kills everything --Like the Omega hacker.

Hackers that tells where other hackers are. Stuff like that.

It’s just a normal day on Rust.

Happens to me in real life.

So I consider that very realistic on Rust’s part.

me too, i’m a sexy beast:D

games like rust seems to bring this kinda behaviour out in people. this is from dayz, but its the same kinda weird shit that happens with anonymity…

[quote=“mrknifey, post:14, topic:181586”]

me too, i’m a sexy beast:D

games like rust seems to bring this kinda behaviour out in people. this is from dayz, but its the same kinda weird shit that happens with anonymity…


Thats a funny Vid.

Shame there’s no comment rating “Sobering and unsettling”.

I’m guessing its someone testing a script/bot program.