Some dude shooting down a nazi in first person

I was supposed to work on this for a couple of days but i figured it wasn’t good enough of a pose so I did it in a hour or so

By Bodenlan at 2009-09-13

The guns should be switched.

Why the actual fuck is the Nazi holding a PPSh-41 and first person using a STG-44?
Looks really fake btw

Looks like you took a picture off your TV to me.

You would think that after 5 bullet impacts the guy would begin to react…

Also, it’s kinda weird not seeing any hands on the STG, kinda makes it look like Goldeneye 64 (I can just imagine him reloading by lowering the gun and it making a “ka-chick” sound)

Haha, James bond doesn’t need TWO HANDS.


I was about to say THAT!

It’s a fact, Germans loved those PPsh.

Got to love thoes permanent expressions


I like it

Wrong guns, or Espionage…

Blood is good but the posing, especially the arms, seems really off. I don’t really care if Germans picked up ppsh’s and Russians picked up STGs, the weapon choices is pretty dumb. As for the thread title; not every German between the years 1933-1945 was a Nazi.

The German looks like he is saying hi to the shooter.
And anyone can pick any weapon on a battlefield, it really doesn’t matter that your country didn’t made it, if it can kill its useful.

Until someone on the other side of a hedgerow hears the distinctive sound of an STG-44 and you get a few rounds in your back.