Some dude strolling in the forest. (and a lazor test)

I’ve decided to go back into posing, and I’m starting with these.

Nothing special, just a simple pose. 98.45 percent in-game editing.

For this here laser-test, I’d rather like some advices on how to make better laser.

Otherwise, normal C&C.

More transparency.

Lasers aren’t exactly solid. :smiley:


Also, what map did you use?

rp_mountainvillage, good map for anything forest related.


Got anything to say about the other pictures?

What dummy said.

But the 3rd one is really awesome.

Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that one myself. I did a quick edit in photoshop to fix his stockings, the texture really looked out of place on his knees, for example.


Not to be ungrateful, but can you please mention what’s good/bad with the images? I really wish to know what I can improve on.


36 views and 4 replies wow.

102 views :colbert:

Bloom on the guy is a little heavy, but I really like the second one.

Seriously, Facepunch. 150 views and 6 replies?

Well, first thing I noticed was the laser. Should be a bit more transparent and the dots on his face should be more dragged out, considering it’s not hitting a surface right on, rather on an angle if you know what I mean.

Otherwise, nice screenshots (could use some more DoF). I can’t see anything unusual with the posing though.

Good work.


There, you got your CC, happy?

Get used to it.

The pictures itself are pretty good.

Avatar fits so well

God fucking cry some more.