Some few server questions...

Hi facepunchers!
I’ve had a dedicated gmod server running for about half a month, and there’s a few questions that has come to my mind.

First, and most important:
If my server crashes with an error, all i have to do is hit enter, and the server will restart (because of a batch script).
Now, of cource if im not there, i can’t hit enter, and therefore the server will be down until i find out. (And yes, it’s a 24/7 server)
Is there any way i can make it ignore the error messages, and just restart automatically? Cause that would be sweet.

By the way, the most common error is the “no free edicts” error
if you know a fix, i would be happy to apply it.

Second question:

How do i make clients download maps if they don’t have them?

This question is pretty obvious, isn’t it?
(If i play a map on the server and a client who doesn’t have it tries to join, gmod will just come back with a disconnect message that says they don’t have the map)

Third and last question:
What do you recommend a server to have as a processor?
Does SRCDS work well with multiple cores?
(Atm the server runs on a 2.66Ghz celeron with 1gig of ram. It runs OK but with many props/players it gets a lot of lag i’d like to avoid)


Oh, and here’s the ip if you want it:

For your batch file question, perhaps you could take a look here:

To answer your map-download question, you could set up fast-download.

"Also, it’s important to note that this won’t restart your server if it locks up and never closes, or if the crash causes an error message to pop up" - Batch script guide


Oh well, i’ve decided to troubleshoot the error itself instead: