Some first thoughts.

Other than the known issues going on the game seems to be coming along well.
I had a few points thoughts from just running around for a bit in the buggy version atm lol.

1)It would be nice to be able to close things with “e” as well as open them, that way you don’t have to use tab or the “x”.
2)It would also be nice to be able to change your in game display name somewhat(Stupid me used my actual name when registering my Key so that’s now my ingame name :/) or other option(I’m sure they will be adding more, just a placeholder lol)
3)A way to save the format of your game screen to your profile would be nice:ie fullscreeen, small/large window.
))) I have more but will add them later when I can prioritize, I have been a tester for games on and off for a few years and love to help games grow so i plan on trying to add alot of input!

I love the environment so far, invisible everything :stuck_out_tongue: (joke), and am looking forward to seeing new models and in game objects for the environment such as bushes and trees and such.

edit:Sidenote, I love that even for a browser based Unity alpha the graphics are not bad at all.

Thanks for opening the alpha up more Gary and good luck Rust Team!!!
Glad to get a chance to partake in the game and will be sure to submit bugs when I find them!