Some form of commit integration

Apart from the occasional post and devblog, the main form of s&box updates at the moment is the commit log. Are there any plans to intergrate commits into the fourm? Like a thread or something similar?

Not really needed IMO, would just spam posts, use Discord or something else for that

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exactly. I like how garry is handling it atm by summing up what he has been working on, would love to see some more media tho


he was talking about a forum implementation

For what? There’s #feed in discord channel and commit site

It doesn’t have any relation with the forum integration but would be nice to see screenshots or video on .
Like if anyone commits they could attach a video of that thing or something similar .


I disagree. Commits are for source control, not for showing off things

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Would be cool to also have it integrated here since we can see what type of stuff the developers are doing.

For the majority of the techs users.

We’ve already got both and #feed which are more than enough imo. Anything sufficiently interesting is going to probably get it’s own post anyways, adding one for every commit is just going to end up burying the good shit in the long run.