Some Freaky bug in rust

Hey guy’s

Today playing on eu2 and i came across a bug i was gathering resources from a bear guy came up and started shooting me, however i didn’t seem to be taking all the damage i didn’t realise what was happening until he said i have that shit recorded hacker.
I then got my friend to shoot me with a bow and arrow to prove that i could be killed i have video proof of this also which i will post.

the issues is recored here

and happens around 2:22 i get my buddy to kill me afterwards to confirm that i can die and that you can see i lose health.

looking back at the vid i see the bear has arrows in it so wondering is their collider may have been providing some sort of barrier.

posted on bug reports also

Jeez dude, use some commas. (sorry for my english, too) For us non-english-speakers it’s really usefull to separate sentences a little more. :wink:

I’ve noticed that quite a bit of people one these forums are pretty hard to understand. I’ve just been assuming that most of them aren’t native english speakers. /shrug

not that it actully matters but i have adjusted post for you (it was very early in the morning for me) :slight_smile:

And/or very young. Oftentimes it’s feels like you’re reading an unfiltered stream of consciousness.

Not sure if i was actually awake when i posted it. So that would probable explain it. :wink: