Some free prop ports

I ported a few assets from a free pack I downloaded, and I figure they should be publicly available for other sbox devs without forcing you guys to port them as well. It’s all in a sandbox fork so y’all can download it and look at them in-game.
Here’s the link: GitHub - rugg0064/sbox-cc0-ports

  • VMDL’s are in /models/kennyFurnatureKit
  • Source files are in /sources/

One image because that’s all FP will let me upload:

If any of you work on something similar, porting or even creating assets with very free licenses. Please consider sending them my way for others to use.


i can send you some models but i need you to port it inside the game its not mine btw Low Poly Ones

Send me a message here or on discord (Rugg#4267) or just post it here and I’ll take a look.