Some future weapon suggestions

Since I bought the game, (and I’m really quite enjoying it although it still is pretty rough around the edges) I thought why the hell not make a thread with a bunch of suggestions.
Since I heard the have an intention to move away from military weapons (I like that idea), let’s start there!

Metal Recurve Bow - Pretty self explanatory. A metal recurve bow, which could for example, shoot arrows with a faster travel time, and less arc, it could also be faster to shoot. It could require arrows with metal tips as ammunition.

Metal tipped arrows - see above

Machete - half axe, half knife is the best way I have to describe a machete. I’m also incredibly shit-faced right now, which might be related. Usually a handy tool in the wilderness, it has enough weight behind it’s swing to do damage and cut wood/brush, but also has the utility of a big knife. It would be the primary hunting/skinning tool, being particularly faster in this regard and weaker in all others.

Zip Gun - From inmates with a murderous intent, to crafty backyard tinkerers, Zip Guns have been around for some time. Usually single shot weapons in small (pistol) calibers, crafted from whatever is at hand, basic ingredients can be as simple as a pipe, spring, and homemade firing pin. With a little craftsmanship and imagination thrown in of course.

Muzzleloaders - The good 'ole muzzleloader, the long lost cousin of modern firearms. Coming in the form of pistols and rifles (and cannons too). Single shot, there are many different types of muzzleloader rifles, from flintlocks, to in-lines, to break-open, to… you get the point. As the name indicates, you load the ammunition and propellant through the muzzle… I think.

Single Action Revolver - Homemade Old western style revolver, doesn’t need 'splaining. Just like Granny used to make.

Pepperbox - Essentially looks like a revolver, except on most pepperboxes have multiple barrels and they are all once piece with the cylinder. Think about a longer revolver cylinder, substituting the traditional barrel.

Bolt-action Rifles - Homemade rifle. With a bolt. And ready for action. Think “Saving pvt. Ryan”, except in a nudist colony.

Actual Pipe Shotgun - With actual lead buckshot.

AAAAAAAaaaand, my brain stopped farting. That’s all.

" It would require arrows with metal tips as ammunition."

that doesn’t even make any sense. the only thing effected is the nock, and all nocks are the same.

And where exactly did I say it made sense? The suggestion is just to make it more expensive to use, not really about realism.

In regards to realism, you’re correct of course.

I changed the “would” to a “could”, since that makes more sense. Thanks for pointing that out (pun intended).

I would love to see a Luty Pattern Submachine Gun or a wide variety of Borz Submachine Pistols.[/t]
Luty Pattern SMG


Borz SMG

One interesting concept in the regards to that image of the Borz is that you could have like ten different submachine gun models, and each of them would have different stats, and such. When you craft the “Borz” it would craft one of the different models and all that.

Had no idea of the existence of those, they are nice, I like! Definitely think it could fit, It certainly looks like something that could be crafted, at least in a game.

Several guides are online for how to craft them in real life. The developer team could use that to get an idea on how their crafted and all.

Here’s the one for the Luty 9mm Submachine Gun. WARNING .PDF

They are actually craftable, amazing! That’s pretty impressive, also interesting… I’m inclined to do a little research about them now.

Could definitely have a place in the game IMO.

The same site also has a lot of stuff regarding automatic Air Rifles, Silenced Pistols, 12 Gauge Pistol, and other stuff. It’s pretty awesome to say the least. Problem I feel is that the FP Dev Team doesn’t want to really dab and dibble around US Militia websites and all that. For all their education, its the quickest way to get an NSA visit.

I would like to add wooden spear/ stone spear/ medal spear to the list. Slow rate of /swing/ high damage and high reach. Could be really fun. Also one of the first things you make when you are lost and in need of food.

EDIT: You are not going to kill anything with a home made bow

Yeah you can. Bows have been killing shit for a very long time, and they weren’t exactly professionally made until the end of the Stone Age.

Or a teaser: when you got hit you are slow like the “injured mode” and aiming is really hard.