Some futureistic soilders being stalked by Xenomorphs

This is my first attempt at editing that is not just messing around with dodge/burn and the colors.
sorry there is no crap-tastic bonus for you, I reacently deleted all of my gmod addons, on a lighter note gmod dosnt crash anymore! :woop: so expect a bit more content coming from me :wink:
Im done talking so here you go! hope its well recived.
C&C is welcome and I will accept editing tips ;D

known issues.
The guy with the flashlight: his visor is messed up, there is no way to fix it.
The dead guy: his blood is too bright.

Not bad. I don’t get what’s with the blood in the background though (which is a tad bright considering how dark the rest of the picture is).

As a little note, the letterbox at the top is grey instead of black for some reason.

I just now noticed that… it has a little fade to it D:
and the blood is supposed to be from a guy getting those retractable jaw through his face, first time I did that so I knew of no other way to show that his head was explodeing a bit

Why the hell are they using famas >:(
It’s pretty good but the original needs to be better. Use lamps to simulate lights.

Do you mean lamps for the glow or the flashlight?
because I used lights for the visor glow.

Nah, i mean lights in general.

Oh… I was looking at that too… I regret not doing anything to the lights. :bang:
if you are talking about the ceiling lights…

Their face looks ugly. But nice.