SOME game clients are unable to connect to server

i am hosting a rust server through, there is no mods and its up to date, pure vanilla server

some of the clients are unable to connect since Friday’s update, they are receiving the error below

(Filename: Line: -1)

Disconnected (Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at PlayerNameTag.Initialize (.BasePlayer player) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at BasePlayer.ClientInit (ProtoBuf.Entity info) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at BaseNetworkable.ClientSpawn (ProtoBuf.Entity info) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Client.CreateOrUpdateEntity (ProtoBuf.Entity info, Single time) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Client.OnEntities (Network.Message packet) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Client.OnNetworkMessage (Network.Message packet) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Network.Implementation.Raknet.Client.HandleMessage () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 ) - returning to main menu

please can someone help me out as the support from are unable to find the issue yet alone solve it.

its only some clients that are affected, also the clients can join other server but only receive the error on mine

the clients have tried the following to connect:
restarted PC
changed method of internet connection and type of connection
attempted manual connection via console
done game integrity checks via steam
restored previous game backups
complete reinstall of game
turned firewalls off completely

none of these seem to have affected the results as they still receive the same error message

Please can someone help me or even shed some light on the situation

Do those players own Rust themselves or are they on family share accounts with a shared copy of Rust? I’m not saying that’s the issue, but just in case that information matters, it’s good to have.

I’d like to suggest that you back up your server and then do a full wipe/reinstall of the server to see if that clears up the problem. You can restore the backup of the map and everyone’s learned bps after checking to see if the troubled clients are able to connect, so nothing will be permanently lost.

Great, ill pass this on to the support staff at gameservers and see if it will resolve the issue


Please be aware that I am NOT a developer nor a moderator. I’m not even a server admin. What I have just posted is not official advice, it’s a suggestion that you could try, it may do nothing at all to help. I suspect there’s a bug in the server but I’m trying to help you narrow down what it could be, because that may help the devs identify and isolate the problem if it is a server glitch.

The issue isn’t account related. I think it’s got something todo with the area or zone they’ve entered. The first guy dropped and disconnected with that error and the second guy dropped and disconnected when he entered the same area to try and help recover his gear / loot. Both can’t connect now and instantly receives the message when the game client starts receiving data back from the server.

Also , both are able to log into different servers with no issues. It’s like the server is sending information back which the client software is unable to decode or something.

Is there perhaps a way to move their location to a different spot ? I’m sure they won’t like losing their gear since one guy had like 14 + C4 explosives one him :slight_smile:

Anyway , hope this information helps.

not to physically move them no, unfortunately we don’t have that option like in ARK where i could drag a buddies body back to base if he gets DC or kicked, also 2 guys on the server a friends and they are living in the same base built in the same are 1 person has a problem, the other guys is perfectly fine and has no issues, this whole problem is mind boggling

Do a (backup and then) full map wipe, NeCRO, and see if that fixes it.

Also, can you get those two guys in the same base (one with the problem, one without) to give you their system specs? I’m looking for CPU, RAM, video card, video driver version, operating system (Win 7, 8, 10, etc.) and if it is 32-bit or 64-bit?

I don’t think the issue is hardware related. I’ve actually tried logging in with one of their accounts and got the same message. Also , any other servers works fine. It’s indeed an interesting issue.

I’m having this issue, or something similar, on the server I play on! It started Friday night. I was playing until about 2 AM here in Indiana, when I was running around a small rad town and got what seemed to be a huge lag spike. I then started rubber banding and could run around but then would flash back to the spot I “lagged out” at. It then DC’d me in the rad zone around the rad town. I tried a couple times to log back in with little luck. I eventually died from the rad poisoning, unfortunately with some decent gear on me. I could log in while dying, but couldn’t wake up from sleeping, and I would eventually get disconnected. It gives me the “unresponsive: disconnected” dialog box with the options to try and reconnect or cancel. I waited for a bit and logged back in, I was on a beach with a new character, but with no rock or torch. I could run around sometimes when able to wake up, but it would do the same thing that happened outside the rad town, the rubber banding. Until one log in time, I quickly drowned myself, and spawned a new character. I was able to run around (I had a rock and torch this time), but eventually it does the same thing. I’ve had a couple good runs, but still will end up giving me the unresponsive thing. I’ve even tried getting a USB wireless adapter and running my internet off that. It worked for a bit, but then started getting the unresponsive messages again!! In the F1 menu for the network connection, I’m getting 100% packet loss. Not sure if that’s right. I’ve even had my friend log on to my computer with his steam account, and he is fine. So I’m thinking it is something to do with my characters data on the server side or something.

Okay, so ive taken the following steps to resolve my server

step1: made a backup just in case
step2: full wipe and reinstall of server
step3: restore player contents and map

TEST FAILED still recieving the same error

2nd attempt i did not restore anything, done a full wipe and reinstall.
server is brand new i was 1st person to login, everything was working fine, got some people who had the error to join and it was working great…then… :frowning: one of them got kicked by the server and the error started appearing again, some new players are now getting it and some of the players who had the error previously are getting it again.

now ive been looking around everywhere between work and spare time and found that the verify game integrity works for only a few clients not all, the others are just not able to get in at all, and it seems to be server independent. this must have something to do with Friday evening’s update as the problem only started occurring then. if you are able to find any other threads or posts of a similar nature please let me know. i have almost a hundred angry people after me and i value my pathetic life

Thank you

I have also tried all your steps. This is very frustrating. Just finished a full wipe and 5 min’s in got disconnected with the same error and cant re-connect.

disconnecting: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at PlayerNameTag.Initialize (.BasePlayer player) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at BasePlayer.ClientInit (ProtoBuf.Entity info) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at BaseNetworkable.ClientSpawn (ProtoBuf.Entity info) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Client.CreateOrUpdateEntity (ProtoBuf.Entity info, Single time) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Client.OnEntities (Network.Message packet) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Client.OnNetworkMessage (Network.Message packet) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Network.Implementation.Raknet.Client.HandleMessage () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

My support ticket goes un-answered…

GameServers have also not been able to resolve my problem. im still waiting for useful feedback since saterday

Those hundred angry people are idiots if they’re angry at you over a BUG in an ALPHA, don’t let them make it all your fault.

Has anybody made any progress on this error? I have full wiped and re-installed almost 8x but the error still persist. give me suggestions that i have tried multiple times already.

I have setup-up a rust dedicated server at home with exactly the same plugins and the latest version of Oxide and its been running for 3 days now without any issues. The problem with this setup is my 4mb Adsl line can only handle about 4 players without the lag becoming extreme.

Just out of curiosity what map or map size are the server running?

The reason I ask this is that I’ve a few times tried a size 8000 map and every time there’s been issues with it… invisible trees, no trees at all, client crashing, lagging at various places etc.

Sorry Burner, I’m as stuck as you are, I’ve asked Games servers to move me to a new VM with a new instance to see if it may be the VM i setup on, i havn’t had a response yet from them

Saxxoo, as for the map and map size im using procedural map at size 4000

i was curious yesterday at work and decided to try host a rust server from one of the VM (with manager’s permission) so i went all out giving 4 xeon cores and 32 gig ram to the server, can take 300 players and the mapsize is huge it cant even draw the distance, feels like the legacy map size. i havent had a problem with trees, but some game clients cant take the load of info and crashes from over memory allocation but it is playable, there is no lag and server responds well but havent had alot of people on it to test network load, i created it out of interest to see how it would handle and if the problem would still occur where clients cant connect due to the above errors, everyone was able to connect fine, not one of them was kicked by the server or recieved the error

on another note. relating to my original server issue. the clients who were recieving the error can now connect! but now another batch of players are getting the error instead… this is messing with my head now, how could it sudden start working for some people and suddenly stop working for others, im keeping an eye out on the rust dev twitter to see if they release a server fix or client fix but so far still nothing. I hope the Devs are aware of this issue and if they are not then i hope thursday’s weekly update will fix the problem “Hopefully” and not make it worse.

one more question Burner, is your rust server being hosted at JHB or CPT data center?

NeCrO, try loading your 4000m-map backup from your normal server onto that pimped-out 4-core 32GB VM and see what happens. It could be that something about the specific server install is hosed, or maybe your regular server is just not being allocated enough resources (but the beastly VM has enough of everything).

Those errors look like either missing files or the inability to render items, have you checked for files that have gone missing? If it’s hosted I’m not sure if you have access to the files but if you can check it.

Edit: still try the above method, but after I looked it up a bit it appears to be an order of execution error which would have to be fixed by the Devs, odd thing is this would normally happen on all clients not just a select few and on all servers too.

We are hosted in CPT. I tried to switch it JHB but the option is not available under the hosting locations. We have also tried various map seeds but never above 4000. My home server has been running for 3 days now with all the plugins i wanted to load the first time round with 3 of the people getting the error on the official server going in and out, building, killing etc. for testing purposes.

Hi All

So ive take a direct backup of my server and restored it on my VM and im sad to say the error still occurs, i recreated the VM and restored only my config for my server and it works perfectly fine now. so it may be safe to say that maybe some file on the server itself are broken or causing other files to break such as player profiles due to curtain items their profile possesses. ive requested to Gameserver (hosting company) to move me to a new physical server and new VM with a brand new setup from scratch, its been 12 hours and ive had no response from them as of yet. hopefully they get back to unless we might be lucky and tonight’s rust update may resolve the issues we have been having.

so i can do nothing but sit and wait at the moment