Some Generic Stuff...

I don’t even know…



i dont think you should have added the extra shading on the face, but other than that its nice besides the jpeg quality

Yeah, I always forget to set the JPEG quality. And In this case, I guess it pretty ruins the pic, yeah.

You absolutely didn’t do the exact same thing Uberslug did in his tutorial.

Yeah, I tried that. And it ain’t the exact same thing…

He’s holding a weapon in this pic.

IMO Generic and Overdone. We should get back to the older pics.

And that’s a reason for rating me dumb?

Yeah sorry 'bout that bredda, i tried to put artistic but my mouse sensivility is really high.

I think it’s pretty good, minus the quality, and he looks a bit unnatural with the way he’s holding the gun.

I’m sure that’s true.


Hey c’mon don’t act like a pussy, i like the picture i just think that MW2 is overdone.

Well, I don’t like MW2 surely as much as you do, but I just used the same ragdoll as Uberslug used.

Actually i hate MW2, COD1 FTW!

We should stop associating the MW2 rangers w/ people trying to do MW2 poses.
I see MW2 rangers as just US Army.

not mw2 rangers

Talking 'bout Rangers. Someone’s making COD2 Ragdolls? (or maybe COD1 :gizz:)

Sorry for bumping, but I just have to ask. How’s it unnatural?

Lighting doesn’t fit the location.

You’re talking about the old pictures nobody liked you used to do? No we shouldn’t get back to this period.
Also looks like you didn’t change, you’re still as pathetic, acting like you know shit when you’re worse than what you’re criticizing. I know, the movie critiques thingy… but still you shouldn’t complain about overdone and generic stuff when your 4 last pictures were WW2 soldiers walking, WW2 soldiers walking with Zoey, bunch of box in front of facepunch studios and paratrooper jumping off plane.

Well, they pretty much have the same gear as the rest of the US Army, bar maybe vest colors and weapon variety.

No, i mean before every picture was a MW2 ranger doin something generic.