Some germans pinned down by a sniper

It’s heavily edited and it may not have been the best idea.

watch the original:

bonus lol pic thing:

Posing is good and editing is fine, although the red dots (blood?) seem abit odd.

It’s supposed to be on the camera lens… awesome editing, really like this one

Yea as spiralis says it’s supposed to look like it’s on the camera lense from the dead german.

It looks good. But the soldier to the left, looks a bit over edited.

lol, wtf are you talking about?
What I’ve done to him is basicaly added shadows and blood on his hand. Nothing more.

Why is there random blood stains on the picture.

The blood is from the german soldier who just got shot in the head.

Love the little blood stains. :v:

No not him, the third soldier to the left, he has too much shadow. But i guess you wanted him to be all faded out.

yea it’s a little heavy.

i like over edited pictures, and i really like this.
i like all the motion blur and grainy effect, gives it a sense of chaos.

It’s well posed and edited… although as you said, it’s heavily overdone, but it still works well.