Some global variables are gone, code is not working...

You know, after the update it became a big pain in the arse to fix addons, particularly admin mods - _R variable disappeared. I understand that it’s easy to replace everything with FindMetaTable(“yourstuffhere”), but I want to implement a more generic compatibility function, such as:

_R = {}

function _R.__index(self,key)
		return self[key]
	self[key] = FindMetaTable(key)
	return self[key]


This should give me the same result as FindMetaTable(“Player”), however, it doesn’t. Any ideas why?

Why not just use FindMetaTable(“Player”) then instead of using _R?

-deleted- cause bad night yesterday :confused:

You are an expert of overcomplicating things PLUS you apparently have no idea what you are doing, this is probably not even your code.

[lua]_R = debug.getregistry()[/lua]

Thank you very much, didn’t know about that!
I guess I should just stop doing things through a highly fcked up ahole

Aren’t you looking for a coder to convert your gamemode for free? If so, I don’t think your help is welcome here.

-deleted- I deleted these two cause i had bad night yesterday :confused: