Some GMod Server Advice/Problems

**Right hi there. I have been having problems in my GMod DarkRP (Linux Debian 32x) server and I was told the people on this website are very good at helping so I made an account and came on here. If any of you know how to fix these or know what the answer is please leave a post down below.

  1. How to set default speed for a single job
  2. How to make some weapons available to all and some others only to certain jobs
  3. How to find prop models
  4. A nice DLOGS System

Many Thanks,

  • Angus0920**

Please don’t write in all bold. For the speed thing to could get all the players with player.GetAll then check if they are a role (I think it tells you how to do that on the darkrp wiki) then change their speed with


For the second issue with weapons you would probably use the customcheck feature when you make the weapons to check the role of a player whether they can buy it or not.