Some good RP/SP maps? (EX: nightmarehouse)

Title says it, but I’ll reiterate: Does anyone know of any good SP or RP maps that are scripted? I mean things similar to nightmarehouse

This map is amazing! Made me jump at certain parts… it was very well done, too. Links anyone? It doesn’t have to be horror, either, though it is preferred.

Also: Urban combat. I love Love LOVE urban combat! If someone could provide/[some links of] good urban maps (heavy on interior modeling) that would be great. I’ve already the mds pack (wallmart, bestbuy, mcdonalds etc) but those are so unprofessional. They’re ok, but not particularly fun. I’d like to know if there are any big estate/mansion maps; something with a lot of interior design, rooms, doors, buttons, secrets etc especially interactive maps with moving parts and such!

I’ve always wondered too- to any R6 (Rainbow 6) older-schoolers: are there any maps similar to the mansion/estate map? That would be a blast to use with kermites packs!

Thanks for an and all help/links. I’ll keep scouring I’m looking forward to what you people can find.