Some guy about to get chansaw'd

Yeah so I tried rim lighting again! But I added two versions, one without, and one with… Tell me which one you like better.

The second go at rim light.


The soldier looks incredibly old.


Without is better.

The rim-lighting looks like crap. Looks like it belongs in L4D than an actual picture.

Thank you for your insightful comment.

People who have rimlighting should be standing in front of a light, since the light comes from the hallway, the soldier should not have any because he is being blocked by mr. chainsaw.

You have to look out for those 4channers!(@Title)

what’s with the rim-lighting bandwagon?

Dno, but I’m just practicing…


I like the one with rim-lightning more :smug:

Rim-lighting looks like ass because its too strong + the chainsaw dude should be blocking the soldiers rim lighting. But other than that, the posing is fine and smoke is cool.

The one without rim-lighting is better.

I think the main problem with your rim lighting s that t is all one thickness. It doesn’t change at all depending on the material it’s hitting so it ends up looking like you just outlined them. You also need to know when to add rimlighting. If the light source is from the side like it is in the picture, you should have just lightened them up in that direction, rather than acting like the light is directly behind them.

The soldier probably shouldn’t be rim-lighted at all because the chainsaw fella would block out the light.

I’m currently re-doing the rimlight, I hope this one will turn out better than the first.

Except maybe slightly on the shoulder and knee.

Well I redid the rim light.

what do you guys think?

Much better

Anything still wrong with it?