Some guy getting sliced in half

Yes I know the rim lighting is utter shit… but what the hell, I’ll post it anyway…


Sucks for him

I dunno why but i love the lights on the back of the soldier and all around, and the bone/flesh cutting effect its really good, but the blood on the sword its kinda bad.

I really like this one Hairy~ good job!

BTW what monster model is that one(The one with the sword)? His hands look fuckin weird.

The posing looks weird…must be the angle

Cant see the picture.
Theres just an X

Its the Gorefast from Killing Floor

Nice use of rimlighting.

yes that rimlighting is horrible and the thin white outlines it gives them look horrible

e. it’s horrible

Thanks, I realise they aren’t good, but I don’t really need your opinion because you are just some troll, so please get out.

He is just saying what you said your self.


Yeah but he’s a troll, look at the rest of his recent comments in other threads

he isnt a troll lol

you’re just being a baby about everyone saying your rimlighting sucks


no actually, you just dont know how to take criticsm

Too much rimlighting

That creature reminds me of a Chattur’gha zombie from Eternal Darkness.

His post in this thread isn’t trolling, but he has posted a couple of troll-likely posts.

Crai2, If you had really looked at his other posts you would realise that he is either a troll or an asshole lol

Haha, I don’t know how to take criticism? Well you OBVIOUSLY don’t know me very well then.

yeah i dont because quite frankly i dont like you

but hey man i dont want to fight, you win, you take criticsim very well and your rim lighting is boss

You don’t like me because you are a friend of evil z and I talked shit about his troll ass.
When was the last time you posted in this section? …Exactly

Hey, Hairy… shut up, man. This guy’s name is in gold. Gold.