Some Half Life content won't show

Hi, I’ve had Garry’s mod for just about a year now with almost no problems.But suddenly some Half life 2 items will show up as a big,red, flashing ERROR and a lot of light blue messages come up in the top right corner.It is also in the Half life 2 game itself.I have gotten kind of used to it except when I play TTT ican’t see the ammo and half the items lying around.Thanks

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reinstall the halflife 2 it happened to me before

Just tried that, didn’t work :L

Have you verified Half-Life 2? Have you installed any custom HL2 skins?

What do you mean?

Have you verified the integrity of HL2’s game cache?

Steam > Library > Right-click on HL2 > Properties… > Local files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

And have you installed any custom HL2 skins? Like any of the various Alyx replacements, or any custom weapon models?

I verified integrity of HL2’s game cache,like you said,and it now works :slight_smile: ,thanks alot mate