Some HAMMER newbie questions

Hey everybody, I have a few questions about hammer, I know some basics, but im still a HAMMER noob.

1: How do I make different effects, like sparks. I have tried to just create an ENV_spark. But when I start the map it does not spark.

2: Creating physics objects: Most of the time when I make somthing like a wooden table, I start the map and its not there.

3: Making things like tunnels (a car tunnel or somthing)

4: Custom doors ( EX: 2 blocks that shift outward when you press a button)

5: Elevators.

6: Trains.

7: And mabe some tips, like what the best grid sizes are.

8: Processes ( Turning on a powerbox that activates power to a building, the you can turn on a generator that opens a door and turns on elevator controls.

I have looked on google, and spent a lot of time on, but I usually find the best help here. All help that you can give will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

  1. Learn basic input/output system
  2. look up creating a func_physbox
  3. block tool -> arch, play with the settings
  4. func_door_rotating or prop_door_rotating
  5. quite a big tutorial on their own, there are tutorials on the net
  6. same as 5
  7. I generally use 2-8, depending on the level of detail I want
  8. same as number 1, look up how to make a keypad that only accepts a certain code for a good idea on how these work.

We have something for this already.

I swear to god we need this to be stickied in bright red, or have it changed to “Mapper’s Encyclopedia: ASK QUESTIONS HERE!!”

Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

Ask for tutorials and things in the Mappers Encyclopedia:


Look someone sayed i am cool :xd:!!

Yeah but this way you get alot more answers and alot faster too

You know I did ask the same question a couple times. What was the entity name for creation Cola bottles in L4D2 that went unanswered for a while now.

I just don’t understand how this forum can hold the brightest, most intelligent minds when it comes to mapping, but when I ask a simple entity name everyone is dumbfounded or doesn’t want to answer :confused:

And yes, I did try Google. A lot. If it turns out that it was in that entity list Firegod posted a while back that I’ve looked over a hundred times, I’m gonna be so pissed at myself.