Some help required

I just bought a 12 slot server, and it had many problems, for example I bought 100tick. But I got all these problems sorted and the server just needs the visitors now. I do however have this problem I will explain.
The server is running DarkRP 2.3.7 and I’m not sure if it is DarkRP that is causing the problem or what, but sometimes, people just randomly get kicked because they were idle for 1200 seconds. Does anybody know a console command that fixes this, or even better disables it?

Thanks for any help

PS: If anyone is interested in joining my DarkRP server playing gm_atomic 24/7, then here is the ip:

Being idle for 20 minutes is a pretty good reason to be kicked


mp_autokick | Boolean
Enables or diasables the auto kick feature in Counter-Strike. If enabled, your server will automatically kick team killers and idle players. Examples:
mp_autokick 0 Disables the autokick feature.
mp_autokick 1 Enables the autokick feature. (default)