Some help with ConVars codes

My friend Silverlan coded me some NPC’s but i understand that he is to busy to help me out with fixing some of them. So i was wondering if you guys would like to take a look…

Each of the NPC’s are way to accurate, they use vanilla AI and animations. They deal way to much damage and can hit you from a mile away. Your dead within seconds.

ConVars[“sk_badasscyborg_health”] = 50

^ An example of one of the convars commands. But what command could i put in to change accuracy and damage of any shooting weapon they use?

Another issue i have is how they sometimes and more often than not have no AI at all on none noded maps. When normal half life 2 npc’s can atleast still shoot you and see you are there on a none noded map

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you