Some help with DarkRP Entities and Weapons

Hello again guys.

I have a custom rank on my server, but the rank is able to do some Admin stuffs since it’s based on the Admin rank.

  1. I want to restrict the ability for that rank to spawn Weapons, Entities and Vehicles through the Q menu. Anyone knows how to do that?

  2. I have some custom Printers and Vehicles. For the printers, I want some of them to be restricted to that custom rank and for higher ranked players such as Admins and Super Admins. For the vehicles I want some to be restricted to that rank aswell, so Guests cannot buy those Vehicles unless they have that rank.

Anyone knows how to do that? Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in Advance!
Best Regards.

Number 1 is an option in the F4 menu, fairly near the top if the menu hasn’t changed recently.
Number 2 is not possible on default darkrp, you would need to code this yourself.

Search the garrysmod wiki next time, because there are at least 10 pages on how to customize the DarkRP gamemode.

AddEntity("Derp", "Indian Taco meat", "models/amazing_model.mdl", 1337, 42, "/buyderp", nil, function(ply) return ply:GetNWString("usergroup") == "Donator" and ply:IsAdmin() end)

flutterpie, Thank you for your help! It worked for the AddEntities, I tried to add it to the “AddCustomVehicle” too, but that didn’t work. Any solutions?
Thank you for your support!

Best Regards.