Some help with: gcombat, sbep, or what ever it is (dont know why)

My main pc just got downed

missing the turrets from my entity menu and everything else I had from the addons mentioned.

All the weapon/entities stuff from SBEP

I have the addon but what am I missing?
(using laptop so I have to scavenge the internet for everything again)

(Also have a directional target finder, 64 bit systems only?)

PS: anyone know the GCombat Core svn user/pass anon or anonsvn does not work…

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no directional on my main…

Just SVN SBEP, that should provide you with the stuff you need.

GCombat is like the dinosaurs, been extinct for a long time now.

…Ive done that like many times…

Last time I SVNd SBEP, it did indeed come with the GCombat files. They’re just burried in there somewhere. Hunt down the SBEP thread, and post your question there. It’ll be more useful than just dropping this thread in LUA Scripting on a prayer, since SBEP is in Models/Skins.