Some help with History: NoxiousNet's Super Mayhem Boxes?

Just today I was scourging the corners of to see if I could find anything neat. After quite some delving, I found these maps:
And a few others.
I tried out these maps in Singleplayer Sandbox, but it was quite awkward using the first person camera. After doing some research, I found out that these maps were for a gamemode known as Super Mayhem Boxes, or Nox2D. But I can’t find a working copy (or any copy for that matter) of the gamemode anywhere.
Anybody have an idea if a version for GM13 exists? Or any sidescrolling gamemode in general?

From what I can tell, this gamemode was originally called Super Mario Boxes and was publicly released a while back, however when gmod13 came out, stuff broke. By the looks of things, JetBoom fixed it up and renamed it Super Mayham Boxes but didn’t release it.

Here is an old, and very broken version of it you’ll need to fix up: