Some help with my gamemode

Hello to anyone whom may be reading this! I setup a Deathmatch server over the holidays, start it on a DarkRP base, but quickly found it would not work well! So I decided to code my own Deathmatch game mode. So far I have made my own head, set up unique teams with different movement and play styles (as well as a way to switch between them), level system, a round system, stats for the player in the f4 menu. Now I am struggling. I want to replace the weapon selection system, the default one at the top I know it is possible since TTT has done it

So I wondered if anyone had an idea of how I might go about that (I have checked the gmod wiki and I can’t seem to find anything on the weapon selection bar)

I also was wondering how I might go about adding classes that are selectable in the F4 menu (Yes I have attempted to use the built in class function in gmod but I can not get it to work for the life of me!), I don’t really have an idea about how I might do this. Or if that is too difficult tips on a loadout system!

Finally, I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions/ideas about what they would like to see in this 3 way team deathmatch (Humans vs Aliens vs Robots)

Any feedback/help on anything would be appricated!

As far as changing the weapon selection, you can hide the current one with a hook, and draw over it, though it might be better to replace it completely and rely on your own logic to change someone’s weapon.

Also as a heads up, complaining about ratings isn’t very tolerated here.

I thought about hiding it with a hook, how I have done rest of my hud, but I can’t seem to find exactly what I want to be hiding!

Thanks for the heads up, though his rating was clearly useless and as you can see by the comments on his profile he does not appear to be very helpful. What better way to make him aware of this than commenting informing him that he ins’t useful?
I have had a dumb rating before and they are usually for a good reason and the person usually doesn’t have a bad reputation unlike the person who did it this time, so I felt it right to point it out so other people did not feel disheartend if they later got a dumb rating from him since he probably doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Managed to find what was needed to be hidden!

Disable the default gmod hud, perhaps send some client lua or a concommand.
Then make your own hud :slight_smile:

Now i see you have solved your problem, oh well haha