Some Help With VerticalScrollbar

Having a bit of trouble with my server’s MOTD.

Here’s part of the code:

local TabOne = vgui.Create( "DPanelList" )
	TabOne:SetVisible( true )
	TabOne:SetAutoSize( false ) -- Size it to automatically
            TabOne:SetSpacing( 0 ) -- Space in between other items on the drop down
            TabOne:EnableHorizontal( false ) -- Should there be a horizontal scroll bar?
            TabOne:EnableVerticalScrollbar( true ) -- Should there be a vertical scroll bar?	
            local Info = vgui.Create("DLabel", TabOne)
		Info:SetText( [[]] )

I checked and it doesn’t do anything, No scroll bar shows up? Why is this?

I think it only shows up when content goes off page (?)

Content does go off the page though, It cuts half way through a sentence and it doesn’t show a scroll bar but i removed the text off the lua code, So it doesn’t spam the whole forum with boring rules.