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What is the Program that i must use to create maps for s&box

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You buy Half Life Alyx and use Hammer editor that comes included.

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thanks for hellping me :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Are you sure? I thought I read something about Garry and S&Box having access to the actual source 2 engine, and on top of having access to source 2 they’re redefining it so its more convenient and user friendly. Im like 99% sure you wont need half life alyx for S&Box, Garry literally said he doesn’t want s&box to be like Garry’s mod in the sense of (you have to own certain games in order to get access to certain content) I’m 99% sure upon release when you download S&Box well probably get source 2 alongside it or at least Garry’s version of source 2.

But yeah as of now if you want to familiarize yourself with Source 2 tools, you can use the HLA Workshop Tools (but im 99% sure you wont be using those to make maps, gamemodes and models for S&Box)

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Well, you just answered yourself.


Yeah, at this current moment in time you have to use HL:Alyx workshop tools but thats probably not going to be the program you use to create maps for S&Box, because im pretty sure Garry & Facepunch have been creating their own version of Source 2 for the game, so im assuming the program they are working on is what will be used which is basically HL:A workshop tools but with more features. (Essentially HL:Alyx workshop tools is only capable of doing like 40% of what the actual Source 2 engine is capable of, and most likely won’t be used.)

So I guess the real answer is the program isn’t actually out for public use yet? Instead all we have is a super limited version of source 2.

I think what Posedion is talking about is the CAKE bro, like being able to make gamemodes, economy systems, user interface, custom weapons, modeling, animation, etc.

I played around ALOT with HLA Workshop, and yeah there are simple logic systems in place, which is good for making complex maps, using color coded keycards to open certain doors, buttons, ETC. But last time I checked, you can’t make economy, UI, custom weapons, modeling, and it does have an animgraph but you can only view whats been already done? like I dont think you can put bones on items and characters yourself yet. You can see all the features but I felt like most of the engine was locked.

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All of those words to say: “Yeah, Half life Alyx has the source 2 version of Hammer, but when S&box releases they’ll probably give out their own version of hammer, with more in-house-made features”

How did you get that from




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You can use the HL:A tools, the SteamVR tools, or the Dota 2 tools