Some high tech dude shockwaving terrorists

shockwave/airblast/soundblast whatever you want. (:


Eek! His crotch!

That’s a very cool effect.

pretty cool

Haven’t seen you around mosquito!
Looks great :smile:

Yeah, it’s been a while… Need to make some gorey pic to return fully I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

only complaint is the good guy’s thigh looks really weird, but that’s the model’s fault, not yours. great work.

He’s got a boner goin on

Terran Spectre! Nice Nice

Who wouldn’t if you could shoot shockwaves trough your hand.

intense! color fits well too.

His shockwaving arm looks like as if the elbow is a little upwards, as if his arm was originally going higher then his hand decided to lower. But thats probably just the model having a hard-to-pose structure, or just gives off that look while it isn’t such.
Really nice. I like it. Coloring is perfect.

Note that he is kinda bending his arm to the back, than that could happen. Could also just be an error in the model. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is nice.

I now have a new wallpaper. Thanks.