Some horror movie ragdolls please?

Anything is fine. I do have a few that would be really nice if anyone made them.

-Freddy K.

For anyone that can do it, thanks!

lillwasa’s porting models from the Saw game, so Jigsaw might be in there.

Sweet, i hope the models are better than the game :neckbeard:

I think the only Jigsaw models I think were in that game were the hooded one (Which apparently has no head in Gmod) and pig mask

The one without the head-

Pig mas-

Other stuff from the game hes porting is the cube (Second link), the Reverse Bear Tap (Open and closed released), and Billy the puppet


this has been done
creepy right? :ohdear:

oh those really ARE scary o_o

I wanna see one shooting the crap out of kliener :roflolmao: