Some idea/changes...

First of all i love this game very addictive and very fun.
Secondly after close to 50hrs game time i have a couple of idea and wouldnt mind everyones thoughts on them.
First i find raiding people is pretty easy when you’ve got chargers and a few friends. I think you should be able to make your own personal safe, although its a safe it wouldnt be impossible to break in make it need say like 1-2k metal fragments to make and have the amount of space as a large storage crate. Have it need like 10 charges to destroy that way people cant just blow it up and it requires aton of metal to make, making them a valuable
Asset. Also a type a long range rifle would be awesome
Make it have 1.5x the range of the m4 but a bolt
Action which takes 1.5-3 seconds to reload making the need to be accurate essential. As for friends have a system were u can add friends so you see a green face or something with the name from a slightly longer distance than any guns range dont remove any pvp aspects but it just helps determine whos a friend and whos not.
Sorry for long post and bad punctuation. But let me know what you all think