Some ideas about this "Friend/Buddy-System-Discussion"

Hello everybody,

first of all i will say that I didn’t played Rust yet! I’ve played The War Z, DayZ and Minecraft. I like all three of them. Each Game has something that makes it worth to play in my Opinion, but still each of them is missing something. That’s where Rust comes into my mind. I’ve already watched like every gameplay video on about Rust XD Well, i’ve overstated it a bit, but i guess you all know what i mean :wink: I just already love this game by watching the videos. So i’ve started to do some research extra research about this game in order to prepare for the time, when i will be playing Rust myself. I’m someone who loves to play with friends, but still i’m able to play Games alone.

That’s the point where i will start with the real topic of this Thread. Playing alone or with friends. I’ve already read some Threads with Discussions of a Friend/Buddy-System. There were like two sides arguing with each other.
The one side wants to have a Friend/Buddy-System in order to play with friends and share their buildings. The other side is consists more of the “Hardcore-Players”. They think that this System will make the game too easy for larger groups of players by making it easier to coordinate large scale raidings. I agree with both sides in some Points.

Now i want to give my very own Suggestions about such a System and also i will refer more or less to the Party-Systems, which is most-likely known from MMORPGs.
I know Rust is a game that aims at giving the player a feeling of what it’s like trying to survive on your very own in order to make it more realistic. In my opinion, if such a scenario will ever happen, i will appreciate it to team up with some of my best friends XD

So what about this. This “Party-System” gives you the ability to form a 4-Player-Team. So you can invite 3 other players and team up with them. What you can do, when you’ve joined a team.

  • allow your Teammates to open up your Doors as long as this Team exists
  • see some kind of symbol - maybe a little arrow - above the head of your teammembers. However, this symbol will only be visible if the teammate is in a range of about 20-40 meters.
  • You can still kill your own Teammates!

Nothing else! So with such a System you can share your buildings and team up with friends, but you can still kill each other and if a team mate is too far away you will not be able to recognize him. This will still make these 20+ player raids a challenge to coordinate properly.

Additionally i was thinking about a “real” Friend-System. I agree with the People saying, that if Rust will be available via Steam, there would be no reason to have a “Friend-System” that shows you when someone goes online or offline. But i would appreciate a “Friend-System” that allows you to give your best friends a permanent permission to open up your doors. You still take this permission away afterwards. But it will help some players to play together without giving that much of a benefit and protection against others.

I’m waiting for your Opinions, improvements or your criticism.
Thanks for reading! :smiley:

no party system

That’s some great response! Well… not really. I would appreciate some reasons for your “statement”, if you can even call these 3 words a statement.

Please Guys! Don’t just write 3 Words here! I really want to discuss this topic seriously! Give some reasons for your statements!

A thread like this is already going on, and the suggestion keeps getting posted regularily. If you don’t play the game, you don’t know how it is, the big groups would benefit from it and they already have enough things in their favor.

There were already some topics created on this theme, next time look a bit. :slight_smile:
In otherwords, I`m pretty sure there will never be a party system, since that would ruin the point of the game Garry and others are planing. The fear of unknown.
And party system would make raids much stronger.

Sorry guys, but did you even read my initial Post? I just stated that i read the other Topics and agreed to some Points of both sides. That’s why i was coming up with some other ideas. But i guess some genius like you must know better… Also i have enough gaming experience to know what such a game is like. Don’t try to treat others like idiots just because they didn’t play a certain game yet and are trying to give some suggestions. That just shows how narrow-minded you are. Rust is in general a game like War Z and Dayz despite you have a crafting system like Minecraft has.

Also large Raids divided in groups of 4 where you can still be able to shoot your team mates wouldn’t make it that much easier… But i start to think that people here don’t want to have some system that will help the “non-hardcore” gamers. Such a system would make these kind of players get more benefits in order to defend from the “hardcore” gamers. The more advanced players don’t really need to share ressources that much than “newbies” have to. It’s more like a system to make the “newbies” be able to defend a bit more.

Then you could’ve replied in any other thread.

its not wanted, we want tools to create communities like clothing to look similar or different or keys you can make and hand out to your team for the doors.

I didn’t bother to read your post, because there will never be a friend or party system according to Helk.

What InsaneParrot said is true. Helk has stated that he doesn’t want Rust to have a friend / clan system. However, I’m sure they’ll come up with passworded doors / stashes and shit so you don’t have to build 4 entrances for 4 player group and stuff.

He said that they are planning on making keypads or combination locks for doors, and that may or may not carry over to crates, he hasn’t said yet.

@Ottr: i didn’t reply to another thread because i wanted to explain it with more details and not post it in a thread where everyone is already getting pissed from the other side.

@VanValdenburg: well that’s not really true. The number of posts regarding this topic shows that a lot of people would appreciate such a system.

@InsaneParrot: Your second post is something i really appreciate. Didn’t know that something lile this is planned. The System i was suggesting was most lilely to give the ability to share houses by givimg others the option to open your doors. Whether with some kind of keys, codes or “buddy systems” is something i don’t care about. I would just like to have this option :wink: