Some ideas about weapons and things like that :)

*Hello !

First, let me introduce myself ! My name is Adam aaaaaaaand i recently bought the Rust ! Like 3-days ago ? And yessss i did enjoy the game, it’s rly great : ) But ofc, it lack many things also there is too much in it and there is still space for improvements ! (I know it’s in Alpha ! Don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue: )

Just saying, but english is not my first language, so please keep it in mind, that I am not ‘pro’ in it ! :stuck_out_tongue: Human beings tends to make mistakes !

Okay, let’s start with the real purpose of this topic !*

1. WE are Survivors (we lost everything - it’s like in this serial … hmm ‘Lost’ it was) NEVERMIND ! We are not some kind of ‘mad-scientist’, so why we have such high-tech weapons as M4/9mm Pistol/Shotgun ? It just … Doesn’t fit and i mean it. We shouldn’t be able to craft such things. You can ask why ? Because like i said ‘we are dumb rock-wielder mans’ (I’m joking ofc ;p) and we don’t have needed resources and tools to make one.
The weapons we should be able to craft would be - Bows, Slingshots, Wooden/Metal Swords, Wooden/Metal Shields, Traps, Spears and things like that ! The high-tech are a big no for us. But it’s not like i want us to delete them just like that from our game ! More info about it in the next point !

2. Here we go. Let’s talk about the plane that would appear once a day and throw some supplies

**a) **The insides of supplies:
Resources such as wood/metal/cloth etc /Amount ? High // Rarity (i mean what chance of finding resources in supply) - Common
Medicine such as bandage/antibiotics/health-packs etc. / Amount - Medium / Rarity - Uncommon
Weapons such as M4/Pistol/Shotgun etc. / Amount - Low / Rarity - Rare or even Very Rare
Ammunition such as Shells/9mm etc. / Amount - Low / Rarity - Rare or even Very Rare

We can think about more things which can be found inside of it - But for now i keep it like that :]]

This way - Making such high-tech weapons rare we will be able to gain more fun from the game than now. Why ? Cause you need to be smart and think about future, that means you can’t just go and waste brainlessly your ammo or run around with such weapon. This will also made this game more challenging and survival likes !

b) Great stuffs huh, yeah they sure are, but why not make it harder to obtain one ? Here is my idea for ppl who rly wants the supplies ;]

- Make the supply blocked for 5-10min after it land / Why ? To make it challenging and harder to obtain, let’s make people fight over it ! Because they might be great stuffs in it !

- Proper timer should be showed on the screen for every player in-game, which would display the time when the supply will be available to open !

It’s all for now ! It’s kind of late and so my brain can’t rly work properly :smiley: But i will sit here for a little longer and think about some more things which would be good with the ideas i mentioned above ! :stuck_out_tongue: I fully understand that some or even great amount of people will disagree with me, but i want you guys to think about it. This game is about survival, so let’s make it in one :]


Thanks for reading :>

It was hard to read your post, but you should research the aim of the game a bit more. The military weapons you can make are a placeholder for the makeshift guns they are trying to get into the game. Check their trello page,

It’s that terrible ? :stuck_out_tongue: Oh man, i checked it out not so long ago and yet they added some more things to it. Didn’t notice ! Thanks for info : ]


But i still think it does not answer the ideas i mentioned, they just replace them for another same kind of gun. Which in my opinion should be rare to obtain.

That’s why I’m gonna hold on my ideas for a lil longer ;p

I ‘think’ its just for testing purposes. Im sure Helk said the modern weapons wont be craftable in the future.

Btw, i agree with your points 1 and 2a :). Though not quite so much 2b ;).

I took the last one from the Manga i did like to read - Btoom.

When ppl had to fight over supply.
I think if we forced ppl to fight over it, it would give more meaning to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t take me wrong, it’s just my opinion. Hopes for more friendly-like users to talk about it !